The Cloud Software Association is a volunteer, member-run organization. Frankly, as SaaS partnership executives, we’ve built this organization over 9 years because it’s a powerful professional network that we can rely on for help, professional development, and critical connections.

To keep building the association, I’m proud to announce new members of the executive.

Jake Wallace, AWeber has joined to run and lead our Slack community.

Glenton Davis, Microsoft has joined to run and lead our Strategic Advisors network of mentors.

Chris Lucas, BLASTmedia has joined to create B2B SaaS PR opportunities for members. He’ll be dropping opportunities in the #PR channel in our Slack community.

Please join me in welcoming the new members of the team.

Interested in joining the executive? We’re looking for editors of the blog and resource library. Contact us.

Vice President, Community Engagement
Jake Wallace
Strategic Partnerships Manager

Vice President, Strategic Advisors
Glenton Davis
Global Product Marketing Manager

Vice President, Public Relations
Chris Lucas
Vice President