Tips On Navigating The Evolving MSP Channel

The MSP Channel is evolving, creating challenges for vendors and MSPs (Managed Service Providers). With the popularity of the cloud, new technologies, and the exponential rate of innovation, vendor and partner companies need to dig in on their own domain expertise and keep the end customer in the forefront of their minds.

This week’s guest is Jeff Ponts, founder of master agency Datatel Solutions. Jeff made a bold move when founded his company 16 years ago. He bet the farm on Managed Service Providers when all the other Master Agents were working with telco agents. We discuss how Datatel has been successful in leveraging the MSP channel. And Jeff shares what vendors and MSPs can do to stay relevant and drive business growth for both partners and vendors.


Advice To Vendors
  • Vendors need to get out of the mindset that they only have one route to market. MSPs are a powerful channel to leverage.
  • Put more focus on the end customer and go more in depth into knowing the partners they use and why.
Advice To MSPs
  • The most successful MSP’s pick a vertical and develop deep domain expertise. They really go after their local market and focus heavily on their marketing. And they’re continuously learning new applications.
  • With new technologies popping up all the time, MSP’s have to fight to stay relevant. One way to do this is by integrating their marketing and sales strategies.
  • Change is inevitable. Be nimble and don’t get married to a platform because that platform is going to change.