As a marketer, Hubspot’s INBOUND is my favourite conference. They have a great mix of focused, pragmatic, and inspiring speakers; a huge community of marketers and software companies; and a great atmosphere.

A ton of Cloud Software Association members will be there this year. Let’s get coordinated!

1. Who else is going?

Check in on this thread in our Slack community in the #conferences channel.

2. Our annual cocktail party

Our annual cocktail party is on once again, focused on attracting and meeting marketing agencies during the conference. We will also make introductions for those who opt-in.

RSVP to join us for a drink.

3. Cloud Software Assocation member-priced tickets

Haven’t registered yet? We have negotiated to get a 25% member discount for all access passes to INBOUND.

Register here for 25% off the all-access pass

4. Recommended talks to look out for

INBOUND always attracts great speakers with great presentations. Here are some speakers I think would be highly interesting for the CSA members.

  • DANIELLE LEE. Global Head of Partner Solutions, Spotify
  • NADYA KHOJA. Chief Growth Officer, Venngage
  • TYLER LESSARD. VP Marketing, Vidyard
  • LEELA SRINIVASAN. Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey
  • SANGRAM VAJRE. Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist, Terminus
  • PATRICK CAMPBELL. CEO & Co-Founder, ProfitWell
  • DAVID CANCEL. CEO & Founder, Drift
  • BRENDA COLÓN. Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Intercom
  • LAUREN DILLARD. Head of Communications and Investor Relations, LiveRamp
  • ARIEL DIAZ. Co-founder and CEO, Blissfully
  • PHIL FERNANDEZ. Co-founder, Marketo
  • RACHEL GOODMAN. Manager, Beauty Partnerships, Pinterest
  • MIKE GOZZO. Co-founder and CTO,

5. Sponsorship opportunities at INBOUND

I have a really good relationship with the INBOUND sponsorship team, who are just amazing to work with. If you’re looking to get more out of INBOUND, I can make an introduction. Ping me.