We began a survey last week about how has the coronavirus has impacted your business objectives? Preliminary results are in with 31 responses.

  • Risks. 42% identified risks to sales, primarily new sales. 23% identified risks to their partnership programs, particularly developing partner relationships without face-to-face meetings.
  • Mitigations. 50% are refocusing their strategies, chiefly 23% are switching to digital marketing including virtual events. 16% are focusing on preserving cash. 6% are lowering goals.
  • Events. 77% have cancelled all events; 19% have cancelled some events. 3% (1 person) is attending all events.
  • Travel. 65% have cancelled all travel. 29% were still travelling domestically.

HR policies

75% can or are now working from home. Over 70% of offices have instituted changes; 35% have added extra hygiene protocols and 35% have restricted personnel.

26% of respondents have extra paid time off (including using their unlimited time off) from their employer in case they need it. 5% have unpaid time off.