This talk was given by Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft at SaaS Connect 2018 in San Francisco, May 1-2, 2018. Get the slides

When it comes to growth stories, SalesLoft has an incredibly impressive one.

Other businesses want to hear SalesLoft’s story to figure out what they can do to emulate it. Kyle Porter, CEO, took the stage at Saas Connect to share just that.

Here’s the SalesLoft story, including the actionable steps other businesses could take to replicate this success.

How did SalesLoft achieve this growth?

It started with a change in how the company regarded its values and culture. First, they established their values. These were the core ones:

  • Customer first
  • Team over self
  • Bias toward action
  • Focus on results
  • Glass half full

But changing a company’s culture takes more than just words. So, after they established their values, they took the steps to put some actionable measures into place.

What practical steps did they take to address a culture change?

When shifting their focus, team meetings became a main focus. Here are a few of the meetings that they put into place:

  1. One-page strategic plan. This included a purpose, values defined, mission, three-year core strategies, annual goals, quarterly goals and quarterly objectives. Quarterly objectives included leadership’s objectives, and key results.
  2. All-hands. Their all-hands meetings allow for a CEO update, introductions for new employees or people who’ve changed roles, a spotlight on someone who has done good work, Product Show and Tell, and an ask-me-anything with the founder.
  3. Weekend update. These meetings include an update from the CEO, a snapshot of key metrics, a list of wins and a glance at how the company represents its values.
  4. Values-check interviews. There are 10 teams from separate departments that check in with employees to see whether they’re trained on values.

Because of these meetings, SalesLoft was able to take action, keep an eye on results and improve team morale. This step allowed the company and its team to better embody all of their goals.

How do you measure whether a team acts according to its values?

SalesLoft’s revenue growth largely comes down to is inter-business communication. Businesses run more smoothly when everyone is on the same page and when they’re able to keep their values top of mind.

A business hoping to grow its revenue as SalesLoft did cannot rely on outside forces. Start from within your business by building a strong culture and a core set of values. From there, find ways to communicate those with your team, and pathways to growth should emerge.