What is SaaS Connect?

SaaS Connect is our annual conference for SaaS partnership professionals. Our rescheduled date in October isn’t going to work. But why let the world let us down?

Moving forward, online.
  • Better than a virtual summit! I heard you. Virtual summits are not working well for our community. We have a better plan fit for partnership professionals.

SaaS Connect is a conference focused only on what partnership people need, which means really 2 things:

  1. Getting an instant, industry spanning network.
  2. Learning partnerships from the only people who understand you: other partnership professionals.

How are we going to solve those 2 problems?

Focus on our Slack community. Our network has really grown in our very active, 1800+ member Slack community. We will be driving everything in there.

Not only is it a much bigger network than you’d get at SaaS Connect in person, but we will build our introductions, roundtables, and mentorships in the Slack community.

More SaaS Connect 1:1 livestreams. Our amazing speaker line up will also still be telling their stories through our popular SaaS Connect 1:1 livestream series (see on Youtube) format, once a week.

This is less overwhelming than a full day of videos in a virtual summit. It also gives you much better access to the speakers to ask questions and connect with them directly.

Adding paid memberships

I’ll even buy you a drink!

Thank you everyone for your feedback. We will be adding paid memberships to give you critical services you’d get from coming to SaaS Connect in person.

However, we won’t be closing the Slack community to paid members only. The Cloud Software Association has a mandate to build the market for cloud software distribution. It’s important to stay open to keep growing and expanding our network.

Instead, paid members will gain services that you could only get in person at SaaS Connect:

  • Introduction service. Connect with or get introduced to other members.
  • Private Q&A with speakers and mentors. Connect directly with SaaS Connect speakers to ask them questions or network. Access our strategic advisor network for 1:1 coaching and mentoring.
  • Roundtables year-round. Our very popular lunchtime roundtables are moving into private Slack channels. Are you looking to develop your channel sales skills? Your app marketplace strategy? Join a group of peers who are on the same journey. Help each other out throughout the year.
  • Quarterly SaaS Connect cocktails starting October 27. We still have to network. And while we can’t meet in person, why let the world get us down? I’ll even ship you a bottle of wine or a box of cookies. We successfully ran a virtual cocktail party earlier this month and it was amazing. (see Agency Connect below)

Become a paid member today

And invite your colleagues and peers to join as well.

The Cloud Software Association is your non-profit trade association. Our job is taking the risk out of your difficult job of cloud software partnerships.

  • Networking and access across the industry.
  • Comarketing opportunities.
  • Job board and reverse job board.
  • Events board.
  • Blog and resources.
  • Meetups.

Become a paid member.
Only $249/year