In this episode of the SaaS Connect podcast, your host Sunir Shah of Cloud Software Association sits down with Bob Moore, Co-Founder and CEO of Crossbeam, a partner-ecosystem platform that helps companies build better partnerships.

The discussion centers around the results of The State of the Partner Ecosystem 2021 report. 

The report reviews the findings from a survey of 173 respondents; out of the respondents, 98% work in B2B, 79% are ISV, and 72% work at companies consisting of 100 employees or more.

The survey generated five key findings which are reviewed:

  1. The average salary of partnership professionals, (from associate/analyst, to manager, to director, to vice president and finally C-suite). Also discussed is salary by location. 
  2. The most popular KPIs, and how much is partner-influenced revenue.
  3. How Covid-19 impacted partnerships, how the headcount changed as a result of the pandemic, and whether Covid impacted annual promotions.
  4. Reporting structures, who partners report to in organizations, as well as team size according to structure.
  5. The fastest-growing GTM strategy, and how many are using rep-to-rep co-selling or cross-selling.




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