In this episode of Saas Connect hosted by Cloud Software Association, Raphael Assaraf, App Ecosystem Manager of Aircall, provides a presentation on how the company grew to over 6,000 customers and 380 global employees since they started focusing on partner growth in 2016. An ecosystem is a core part of their strategy, with more than 80% of their customers using an integration.


The following topics are covered in this podcast:


  • How they got started, their milestones, and a summary of their journey
  • The right foundations and steps to take before executing your ecosystem
  • Building partner apps
  • Lessons learned
  • Aligning product and business and what that entails
  • Tools to use
  • Recruiting your first partners
  • Choosing the right partners
  • Getting partners to build with you
  • Taking the ecosystem to the next level
  • Types of partners
  • Caring about developers
  • Which KPIs to track


Resources Mentioned:


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