In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Adam Johnson, Senior Vice President of Sales at ActiveCampaign, discusses their philosophy around partners, which are a big part of their revenue.

ActiveCampaign help 70,000 small businesses connect with their customers. They boast 5,000 partners and 400+ employees, and 75% of their customers have an active integration with ActiveCampaign.

Learn how ActiveCampaign help their partners get customers and go to market using the tool as a primary part of their own solutions:

  • They make it easy to partner with them, for example,
    • Fast online signup.
    • No-restrictions white labelling.
    • Well-documented APIs.
    • They provide recipes (pre-built automations).
    • They allow snapshots (they give partners the ability to take a snapshot of an account that’s fully customized to a particular industry or use case, and then redeploy that as they acquire more customers, saving them setup time and lowering their margins).
    • Using stacks (providing recommendations based on use cases).
  • Through their philosophy and goals.
  • By focusing on the needs of small businesses by making the tool easy to use, which larger companies also enjoy.
  • Examples of their clients.


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