In this episode of SaaS Connect from the Cloud Software Association, Fraser Davidson, CEO of Cyclr, is joined by Daniel Twigg, Cyclr’s Marketing Manager. They speak about the complexities of seamless connections, scarce resources, and the different approaches to getting things done.

Join us as we discuss the options and challenges, what’s been done in the past, what’s been the status quo, and the new schools of thought. Discussion points include:

  • Becoming more agile and adding extra value when you don’t have deep pockets and you have other priorities.
  • Integrations: monetizing vs. adding value vs. cost.
  • Dealing with friction between commercial and development departments. 
  • Building an integration yourself as opposed to iPass. 
  • What a day in the life of an iPass integration looks like.
  • Dependencies and why they need to be thought through carefully.
  • The upside and downside to owning everything.
  • Not all integrations are templateable or standardised.
  • When you share integrations, who provides end user customer support for the integration? (Answer = the vendor). Bear in mind that if you hand over the responsibility, you’re sending your customer away. 
  • How Cyclr helps with the maintenance cycle and resources that iPass teams have as opposed to vendors; iPass is able to pick up on these things more rapidly than any vendor in isolation might necessarily be able to do.
  • What good iPass vendors look like and how they’re on the leading edge of how people are tackling integrations. 
  • A hybrid model of a SaaS company growing and building out, and the 80/20 rule.


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