In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Stu Richards, CEO of Bredin, shares some of the research they’ve conducted in the small to mid-size business space, specifically around how companies feel about SaaS-based applications. 

Bredin focuses on providing businesses with original research to understand, engage, acquire, and retain SMB customers, and it conducts a monthly survey. 

The feedback is helpful for SaaS businesses to know how to effectively sell to SMBs.

Side note: For the sake of clarity in this presentation, very small businesses are those with under 20 employees, small businesses are classified as those with 20–99 employees, and mid-sized businesses have 100–500 employees.

This particular survey asked for feedback from SMBs about what keeps them up at night and what challenges they face.


  • The greatest challenges of small businesses vs. mid-sized businesses.
  • Familiarity with cloud terminology. For instance, the survey found that the term “cloud” rather than “SaaS-hosted applications” is more familiar or the least “threatening.” Using words that are more familiar to prospects will reap more effective results.
  • Cloud adoption outlook, and what motivates companies to move to the cloud (feedback was that small businesses are motivated by cost savings while larger businesses are motivated by business functionality). 
  • What’s important to companies with regard to cloud applications (for smaller companies, the key concern is integrations).
  • Who they would like to buy from (they would rather buy direct than through a partner); this means that most businesses don’t understand the value partners can bring in terms of consulting, application integration, and so on.


The information in this episode was presented at a SaaS Conference in 2019.



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