In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Jamie Tharp, vice president of partnerships and business development at Justuno at the time of the recording, and now head of partnerships, Americas at Amazon Pay, provides a high-value presentation on how to understand your ideal agency profile in order to be more effective at marketing and sales in the SaaS space.

Ideal agency profiles are the companies looking for the solutions you offer; they’re a fit for your products.

Jamie provides a roadmap to understand your ideal agency profile:

  • Critical foundational elements, such as barrier to entry, agency-friendly set-up, and so on.
  • An ideal agency profile; you need to know which companies are the best fit for you so that you can more easily find them. How Justuno found their ideal agency profile, and what they all had in common. 
  • Why it’s important to define your ideal agency profile. Six valuable tips for SaaS companies to think about when creating their ideal agency profile.
  • Know who your ideal agency profile stakeholders are.
  • Understand what your ideal agency profile stakeholders care about.
  • How to make your first sale through an ideal agency profile.
  • Tips for your next steps.



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