In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Alex Fala, Chief Executive Officer at Vend at the time of this presentation and now Chief Executive Officer at Syft Technologies, presents a conversation on how to win a vertical, and shares some of the successes, failures, and observations of their partners and what’s worked for them at Vend.

Vend, a company that provides point of sale software, works with small and medium-sized inventory-based retail (stores such as fashion giftwares, homewares, etc.). At the time of this presentation, Vend boasted 20,000 global customers and partners such as Apple and Xero.

What you will come away with from this presentation:

    • How Vend built their partnerships strategy:
      • They asked themselves, “What is the solution that customers need that goes beyond the product?”
      • They began to speak with prospective partners,  just having conversations with people. 
      • They asked themselves, “How can we scale to $100 million in ARR?”
    • Lessons learned:
      • Think long term but act now.
      • Act bigger than you are.
      • Beware of the anti-bodies.
        • Decide on your approach (either big play or build gradually).


This presentation is from a SaaS conference in 2018.




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