In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Dominic Dinardo, CEO and Co-Founder of Aforza, shares his wealth of experience in becoming a successful SaaS company.

Aforza, leveraging the Salesforce platform, helps consumer goods businesses sell more and grow faster through a suite of cloud and mobile apps built for the industry.

The conversation centers on how world-class and visionary entrepreneurs think, as well as tips and tricks about becoming a successful SaaS company. Topics include:

  • How Dominic came up with the Aforza idea and how the founders went about validating it. A key point is that, from the research conducted, they knew that their target market was underserved by industry technology. 
  • Essentially, Aforza’s mission was to create a mission. Dominic says, “When you create a mission and you give a sense of purpose to your company, people don’t just work; there’s a passion and enthusiasm and energy, a deliberate sense of purpose.” An event in his own life drove home this point in 2008 when Dominic’s father passed away. He explains how the event made him contemplate his legacy. He now believes that if you can find a sense of purpose in your legacy, you will be a happier person and have a more successful business.
  • Building trust and connections. Also, suggestions are offered for building a network, even if you currently only have one person in your camp.
  • What made them build Aforza on Salesforce. The benefits that Salesforce provided to help make Aforza successful.
  • Tips for building a thriving SaaS business:
    • The importance of vision and values.
    • Have powerful “friends”; for example, Aforza is built on the shoulders of two cloud computing giants, Salesforce and Google, both of which are powerful “friends.”
    • Be self-aware and honest with yourself.

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