In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Cristina Flaschen, CEO and Founder at Pandium shares her experience about how to build a tech partner program.

Pandium is an integration marketplace that provides a service to help launch integrations six times faster and with 70 percent less engineering.

In this discussion, the following points are covered:

  • The most important metrics dependent on organizational goals and the stage of the business.
  • Core elements that go into building an effective program.
  • Ways to get strategic alignment in your organization.
  • Data that shows that integrations impact retention and where you need buy-in. A good place to start is to cite the data until you can get your own data.
  • Ways to align with product engineering, as well as marketing and sales, and the expectations of your partners.
  • How the customer success team plays into the tech partnerships program, and how to leverage their knowledge. [Hint! Encourage the feedback…]
  • The importance of communication.
  • What makes good processes essential. [Tip! Trying to be as organized as possible in the beginning is important in the long run.]
  • Partner technology recommendations.
  • Monetization of partner programs.


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