In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Sunir Shah, CEO at AppBind, shares lessons learned going from zero reseller signups to hundreds.

AppBind, created in 2020, is a subscription and service billing management tool for agency owners. The software produced no sales at first. Today, by listening instead of selling, they have hundreds signed up.

Here are some of the lessons learned:

Essentially, AppBind was sending out the wrong message, “buy software and sell it to your customers”. Here’s why it proved ineffective:

  • Agencies sell services, not software. 
  • People look for solutions, not software.
  • The focus should be: what is the client’s problem and what service can we provide that will solve that problem?
  • Keep the messaging, the offering and pricing simple.
  • Business is not just about words. AppBind changed not only their words, but also the product, and this resulted in signups.


  • Your best partners are those who can incorporate you into their product offerings. 
  • Commissions matter: not so much at the beginning, but rather at the end so that your partners stay involved.


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