On this episode, Bryn Jones, Co-Founder and CEO, and Tyler Calder, CMO, both at PartnerStack, discuss future-proofing your business with partner ecosystems.


Businesses no longer need salespeople to sell their products. And that, to a large extent, is what this conversation is about.


The following points are covered:

  • Why partner ecosystems are important, and why businesses should put serious investment into them.
  • The very tangible results when companies invest in this area properly. 
  • Know who you are building for in order to increase engagement. 
  • Why centralizing partnerships is advantageous.
  • What to expect in terms of a timeframe for return. 
  • Starting with an inbound strategy is the best way to go to market. Outbound is successful only when you know exactly who to target.
  • 20-25% of people that you recruit will be successful, however, don’t expect to magically generate 30-40% incremental revenue. There’s a deliberate investment required in partner programs, the same as if you were building a sales team.


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