On this episode, Gloria Castillo, Sr. Manager, Partner Programs at Loopio, discusses how Loopio built their partner program, outlining five key features as well as lessons learned. 


Loopio is Request For Proposal software that streamlines and automates the RFP process and allows for easy team collaboration.


Particularly interesting is that in 2019 when Loopio wanted to get started building their partner program, Gloria, from a marketing and process improvement background, came aboard to help but had no real partner program experience.


However, the numbers demonstrated their success, and by 2021, just a year later, 17% of the company’s revenue was a result of the new partner program.


Loopio’s goal was to build a successful and certified network of partners and their first step was to define what success looked like to them.


Five key features of Loopio’s partner program are:

  1. Partner onboarding
  2. Partner Portal
  3. Partner Academy
  4. Co-marketing
  5. Co-selling


Gloria explains how each of the features work, and overall, the presentation provides valuable insights into what a successful partner program consists of.



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