Our annual cocktail party for marketing agencies and freelancers is back!

The Agency Cocktail Holiday Party is annual tradition bringing together freelancers, consultants and others from the Agency world to network, learn from one another, raise a glass and look forward to a great new year of business while having a little fun.

While this event will be virtual that doesn’t mean we won’t buy you a drink (or two).

So how does this work?

Sign up for the event and we will ship you a bottle of wine, or if you aren’t much of a drinker you may find a box of cookies or other baked goods at your door!


Whenever drinks are involved you know there will be some rules, so here goes: Limit one per person. You must be of legal drinking age. Not available in Kentucky, Alabama, Delaware, South Dakota, and Utah or outside the US. If you live in any of those places we still want you to join and we will send you a gift card so you can buy a little something locally. Apparently a lot of people mail things in December so drinks may not arrive on time, doesn’t mean they won’t show up. While supplies last.

Why should I come?

Talk with your peers about challenges and connect with the only people who truly understand your situation and the crazy year that was.

Want to meet other agency professionals? We will make introductions!

Let us break the ice. We’ll make introductions to anyone else coming to our cocktail party if you opt-in.

Thank the hosts and sponsors!

This cocktail party is hosted by the Cloud Software Association, AppBind, Airmeet, and Overpass.