This announcement has been a long time coming and I'm excited.

While producing The Small Business Web Summit this year, it became clear that it was time for a change. As an association, we needed to sharpen our focus to reflect what we really are: the trade association of B2B SaaS partnership leaders.

Thank you all for your feedback! It's not easy making a significant change, but I'm now confident we're making the right one.

Here's what's changing and how you can help.

A new name: Cloud Software Association

We're changing our name to the Cloud Software Association. This now clearly reflects the long truth: we are an association of companies selling cloud software. The old name was frequently confused as an association of small business owners.

A new conference name: SaaS Connect

The Summit will also be renamed to SaaS Connect, the event to connect SaaS companies together. We've booked the venue. The dates are set. Tickets are on sale.

A new mission

The name change is not neutral. It comes with a new clarity of purpose for this association.

Going forward, our mission is to build the market for distribution of cloud software.

Where others focus on direct sales and direct marketing, our role in the industry is to support all indirect growth: channels, partnerships, integrations, platforms, APIs, resellers, affiliates, and distributors.

In short, we are the SaaS partnership network.

Expansion to mid-market and enterprise SaaS

When we started The Small Business Web, we were understandably focused on reaching small businesses. Over time, that changed as our members themselves moved upmarket.

We'll still have a strong small business segment focus, especially because this segment relies so heavily on indirect channels. However, we are now free to support mid-market and enterprise members as well.

A new plan

With a clearer focus to support partnership activity, it gives us a clear set of objectives. Right now I am working on:

  1. Rebranding. All our assets need to be rebranded.
  2. Build a network of B2B cloud software partnership leaders. For instance, our recent Strategic Advisors program.
  3. Develop professionals in our network. I am actively working on building up our blog and resource center.

How you can help (4 ways)

  1. Help promote the rebrand. Please let your network know by resharing our announcements on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  2. Contribute to the new blog. If you want to showcase yourself as leader in the B2B SaaS partnership profession, why not write a personal case study? I have an easy guide and questionnaire; my team can even do the writing.
  3. Join as a strategic advisor. Willing to connect with, mentor, and help other members? Sign up to be a Strategic Advisor.