In this episode of SaaS Connect, your host Sunir Shah of Cloud Software Association, speaks with Asaf Fradkin, Head of Business Development and Partnerships of (If you haven’t heard of, you obviously don’t frequent YouTube…) built a $30M partners channel in less than three years with bold and controversial decisions.

The platform was introduced in 2014 and today boasts more than 650 employees, serving 115 global customers. The partnership channel was started late 2017, and today has more than 100 active partners that they engage with weekly. That excludes the smaller 5–10 potential partners who reach out to them daily.

In this discussion, Sunir and Asaf discuss:

  • What partners are worth working with
  • Starting a new initiative and learning fast
  • Generating revenue fast via partners
  • Commissions and what matters to partners
  • The importance of radical transparency and how to incorporate that with partners
  • Celebrating partner wins
  • What to do with underperforming partners
  • Disclosing and keeping partner details private
  • Lead distribution mechanisms
  • How builds trust with their partners
  • Infrastructure and what’s critical in the beginning
  • Partner management software
  • Onboarding training and certification


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