In this episode of SaaS Connect, your host Sunir Shah of Cloud Software Association tailors a discussion with Stacy Carlson, Partner Manager at TextExpander, and Madelyn Wing, Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail.

TextExpander is productivity software that uses keyboard shortcuts to automatically insert frequently used text for repetitive tasks.

CallRail is marketing software for businesses that rely on phone calls to grow and succeed. 

At TextExpander, Stacy doubled partner revenue quarter by quarter by rebuilding the partner program and relaunching, seeing huge results in a matter of months. Madelyn from CallRail quickly grew their partner program to 1,600 service partners, so both companies boast impressive results from recent strategies they implemented. We’ll discuss these on the show. 

In this podcast session, the conversation focuses on turning a partner program into a masterpiece, covering topics such as:

  • The difference between affiliates and partners
  • What partners want, partner onboarding, how to keep them loyal, and what strategies tend to make partners sell more
  • How to think like partners in order to provide what they need to refer you
  • Acquisition strategies
  • The role of sales in partner programs
  • Educating departments and people, and how to get buy-in
  • Systems used in partner programs

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