A realistic re-evaluation of the passion and purpose mantra, this episode of SaaS Connect is a frank and open conversation between your host Cody James from Cloud Software Association and Leslie Tom, Senior Vice President of AppExchange Marketing at Salesforce.

The discussion focuses on both individual and team fulfillment, and Leslie answers the following questions:

  • How do you sift through all the information available about purpose and passion?
  • How would you define purpose versus passion? 
  • How did purpose and passion impact your career?
  • Myths of purpose and passion:
    • If I focus on what I’m really good at, and I can make some money doing it, I’ll be successful.
    • Sometimes your passion shouldn’t be your job.
    • I can’t start a new job and take a pay cut to do something different.
    • It’s irresponsible to take a work sabbatical.

Leslie opens up about “ikigai”, a Japanese concept her father passed down to her about purpose, fulfillment and actions. She also talks about how she uses a system created by Salesforce during their rapid growth, called V2VOM, that represents their vision, values, obstacles and metrics for team creativity and alignment. 

Resources Mentioned:

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey


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