In this episode of SaaS Connect, Ty Lingley, Head of Partnerships at and board member at Cloud Software Association, interviews Danielle Price, Head of Partnerships for Channel Sales Enablement at Intuit about engaging a partner or channel during a pandemic such as Covid-19.

Danielle comes with 25 years of experience in partnerships with companies like Apple Computer and Nextel Communications.

Their discussion centers around five key topics:

  1. The Price Partnership Principle, and tips for building trust
  2. Radical resourcing and how to get it right
  3. The Covid pivot and how online tools played a substantial role in innovating change that will stay
  4. The four E’s of partner sales, what they mean, and how to use them:
    • Engage
    • Educate
    • Execute
    • Evangelise
  5. The five elements in what can be considered a “danger zone”

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