Microsoft has a $1 trillion dollar ecosystem, and 96% of the revenue comes from partners. 

They’re moving to the cloud. All of us are trying to figure it out, which is why in this episode of SaaS Connect, Sunir Shah of Cloud Software Association, interviews Chaitra Vedullapalli, Co-founder and CMO of Meylah, to extract answers on how their Systems Integrator business went from zero to thriving in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Chaitra says that the key if you’re trying to break into a big brand as a partner, is to understand that they look for solutions that are most advanced, yet approachable for customers. 

In this value-packed episode, Sunir and Chaitra discuss:

  • Where Meylah drives most of their customer demand from, and how they got their first clients to go from zero to thriving.
  • Who else they work with beyond Microsoft.
  • How an ISV can engage with SIs like Meylah to partner and go to market.
  • Whether they make service packages that are consistent from client to client, or whether every deployment is unique.
  • What is structurally difficult about working in the Microsoft partner ecosystem.
  • How they manage contracts and how the company builds businesses on top of contracts.
  • What you have to do to become a gold partner.
  • Which pipe to fit in a product suite.

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