In this episode of SaaS Connect, your host Sunir Shah from Cloud Software Association interviews Punit Thakkar, Founder of Shivaami Cloud, one of Google’s top 20 resellers who’s raking in a cool $30 million a year.

Punit shares how he built the company 16 years ago, and how he’s managed to become a top Google reseller by building a trustworthy brand in the Indian market.

His company provides management and migration services; 70% of the revenue comes from licensing and 30% from services. 

The discussion goes into detail about what makes their customers buy from them, and how Shivaami Cloud solves their customer’s three greatest challenges. (Hint: their customers can’t just phone Google for assistance, but they can get support from Shivaami Cloud…)

Find out how the company of around 300 staff members organizes themselves to provide efficient service, and what makes them particularly valuable to their clients.

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