In this episode of SaaS Connect, Siddharta Aggarwal of Cloud Software Association and Google Cloud, interviews Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack.

Formstack was very successful at acquiring companies in order to extend their platform. Although mergers and acquisitions are risky, Chris Byers figured out how to win repeatedly and build a thriving business from many companies.

Find out how Chris got started, and the lessons the business learned:

  • How to move from one phase to another
  • What Formstack discovered about their customers and its impact
  • What it would take for Formstack to achieve their first $100 million, and how understanding they needed to be part of what customers were doing before and after they used forms was part of increasing their revenue
  • How they delivered value by becoming part of the customer’s workflow to effectively automate some part of the process for them
  • How they decided which acquisitions would be right
  • Their biggest challenges with acquisitions, and integration

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