In this episode of SaaS Connect, listen to your host Sunir Shah, president of Cloud Software Association, interview Eric Chan, who runs the partner program at Chargebee, and Joni Deus, who runs the Mailchimp partner program.

Chargebee and MailChimp are two successful SaaS companies with two successful SaaS partnership leaders, even though both have differing circumstances and partnership organizations.

Eric needed to build a partner team from nothing, and was hired to solve problems across the tech partnership ecosystem and channel partners. Joni, on the other hand, started at MailChimp with a mature partnership team that required significant revaluation.

The discussion on this podcast includes:

  • In what state they found the partner programs when they first started working for each respective company, and the reason they were hired
  • How they determined what third-party services their clients were using
  • Who their partnership teams report to
  • How they align partner initiatives with the different parts of their organizations
  • How they decide where to invest
  • How they get buy-in for engineers
  • How they measure success of tech partnerships and what their KPIs are
  • How they deconflict


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