In this episode of SaaS Connect, your host Sunir Shah, president of Cloud Software Association, chats with Simon Bouchez, CEO of Sharework, about transforming partnerships into revenue.

In his career, Simon has had plenty of experience with tech integrations. He’s found that the more integrations, the more opportunities to go to market to identify leads to connect with integration partners. Sharework was only founded in the beginning of 2020, and integration partnerships have become their structured approach, leading to great results. 

Today, Sharework boasts roughly 2,000 companies in their network.

The discussion addresses:

  • How to help partners align with the sales motion
  • Examples of marketing campaigns and automations that worked 
  • How a partnership drove 15% of Sharework’s revenue
  • Account mapping a partnership strategy
  • How to hit revenue and sales targets from partnerships
  • At what stage to approach targets
  • What to do with partner data

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