In this episode of SaaS Connect your host Evan Radisic, MD of Cloud Software Association, speaks with Matt Irving, Senior Manager of Global Partner Programs and Strategy at WP Engine. WP Engine boasts 6,000 global partners, grown with the 7-stage bow tie funnel framework they created, and which has driven around 50% of year-on-year growth for the company in the last 3 years. 

Irving takes us through a presentation, discussing:

  • How to scale everything, from spreadsheets to systems, and creating a partner-first organization.
  • The key questions to address internally and from which to build on.
  • The 7-stage bow tie funnel framework the company created and where to start building from first. This includes things like:
    • How to grow a partner program.
    • Buying motions and typical engagement patterns of partners.
    • Educating partners on how they can work with you.
    • How to attract big advocates.
    • Understanding partner adoption.
    • Partner specializations and where the third party interacts within the customer journey.
    • Partner resources for every point of the journey.
    • Success metrics for each funnel and the tools used.
    • Criteria for partners to pay the most attention to.
    • Partner retention.
    • Educating partners.
    • How much is automated.
    • Making continual improvements.

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