If there’s one podcast episode you don’t want to miss, it’s this one. Your host Sunir Shah, President of Cloud Software Association, interviews not one, but two of the best partnership executives to explain what it takes to get game-changing partners.

Bill Wade is Founder and CEO of Company.com, a massive distribution platform reselling SaaS to over 100,000 SMBs.

Drew Quinlan is VP of Strategic Alliances for RingCentral, one of the most successful SaaS companies entering a telco and telephony channeled market. 

Both guests are exceptionally experienced high level SaaS partnership experts and in this episode, we hear exactly how they negotiate, package up, and execute distribution deals at this level.


Some of what’s on discussion includes:

  • Examples of existing partnerships
  • What they look for in partnerships
  • The lifetime value of the customer, and how churn shifts with types of partners
  • How they communicate, support and sell to the customer through partners
  • How they do customer research into product development
  • When they started specializing in using the product offerings in the wider market, and specializing product offerings to each market
  • How they find the right partners to match a profile
  • If they require commitments from partners to be part of their channel programs
  • What the needs are in running partnerships they think are not addressed right now
  • How often audits are conducted with regards to whether partners are adequately representing the brand, and whether any brand control is done with partners
  • Future plans within channel programs


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