In this exciting episode of SaaS Connect your host Sunir Shah, President of Cloud Software Association, leads a discussion with Jay McBain, a Forrester Analyst, about what’s in the future for the B2B #SaaS channel.

McBain humbly calls himself an Analyst, but no one in the industry has spent so much time over so many years, with so much depth, talking to so many players.

Included in this discussion that revolves around McBain’s trends report, are the following topics:


  • Where the information from the report came from.
  • Software market numbers, and more specifically, SaaS market growth.
  • The biggest software companies’ market growth.
  • What’s happening in the influencer channel. 
  • Partnership tactics and influencer channel impact.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Channel conflict.
  • Routes to market and being adaptive.
  • The trend in channel technology.
  • Managing the channels attached to every buyer moment.
  • The people element within the channel.


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