In this episode of SaaS Connect, your host Evan Radisic from Cloud Software Association speaks with Daniel Graff-Radford (CEO at Allbound) and Danielle Moore (Director, Channel Marketing at SpaceIQ) about what SpaceIQ did to transform partner engagement.
Allbound is channel partner collaboration software and the tool that SpaceIQ uses in its partner program.
In the year when Covid hit and things weren’t easy for most, SpaceIQ experienced tremendous partner revenue growth, and the discussion revolves around this.
A note before we dive in: Daniel mentions that SpaceIQ has a very advanced multi-tiered program with over 100 partners, and says that if you’re thinking about scaling your partner program, it’s probably not a great idea to start with everything SpaceIQ is doing.
On to the conversation which covers:
  • Moving from an old partner portal to a new portal that is easier to navigate.
  • One of the greatest problems SpaceIQ was experiencing was its lack of regular communication with partners.  What they did to improve communication and find the balance to avoid bombarding them.
  • Hurdles they faced and how they handled resistance to the new way of doing things.
  • What they did to give more support and keep control.
  • How they push the partner register deal through the organization to close it, and who in the organization is part of it.
  • Partner levels, their partner matrix, and coordinating partners.
  • The decision making process of knowing who is best positioned for each lead.
  • Campaign-in-a-box and how it empowers partners to run their own campaigns with minimal effort and congruence with SpaceIQ branding.
  • Competing for partner attention.
  • How Covid pushed change.
  • What SpaceIQ has found to be the one thing that most motivates partners.
  • Recruiting partners and the SpaceIQ partner onboarding map.
Resources Mentioned:
  • Salesforce
  • Calendly



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