In this episode of SaaS Connect your host Simon Church, VP of Content at Cloud Software Association, interviews Asaf Fradkin, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at, a work collaboration program. has over 70,000 paying companies in over 140 countries across 200 business verticals, with over $80 million in ARR.

Their partner program brings in 10% of their total revenue, but they didn’t have a clear picture of what each partner was contributing. To change that, the program required some significant alterations. In this interview, Asaf talks about the bold decision he made for the partner program to take it to the next level, and the impact it had on the overall business. 


In this fast-paced discussion, learn:

  • How the sales team is set up.
  • What kicked off the channel program.
  • The split between revenue from’s 40 partners.
  • The typical profile of a partner.
  • The four things partners bring to the table besides revenue.
  • Roadblocks that led to making dramatic changes, and what the changes were.
  • The results since making significant changes to the partner program.


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