This episode contains a wealth of information with your host Sunir Shah, President of Cloud Software Association talking to Mark Brigman, CEO and Lead Partnerships Coach at PARTNERNOMICS. They discuss the $5 billion partnership deal Mark ran with Ericsson, and the raw truth about managing partners.


In this value-packed conversation, find out:

  • Information about the biggest and most complex partnership that involved over 6000 people.
  • Why Mark decided to take the partnership route.
  • The difference between high and low performing partnership managers is that great partner managers really understand their partner’s strategy, and find a way to set and lay their own strategy over the top of that path. They are effective communicators so that as their partner executes their strategic plan, the partner manager is naturally going to be helped to accomplish theirs. It’s natural alignment.
  • Mark’s definition of partnering.
  • How to identify the right strategic partner.
  • Channel partner metrics, and the 100 reasons why a partner channel can fail.
  • Why it’s critical to get leadership on the same page with long-term strategies.
  • How to train people to succeed, and how relationships are key, with the following elements: 
    • Trust
    • Alignment of vision, mission, core values and goals (which must first be built on the inside of the organization before being taken externally to partners)
    • Communication
    • Transparency, because partnership is risky
    • Commitment
  • The biggest mistakes that are commonly made in channel sales programs.
  • In the first 90 days, what to do to start a partnership team and recruit partners.


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