In this episode of SaaS Connect, your host Sunir Shah, President of Cloud Software Association, interviews Ray Sidney-Smith, President of W3 Consulting, Inc. to discuss what makes SMB consulting companies hesitant to resell SaaS. 

If you own a SaaS business and are trying to grow your reseller program, this show will add value for you. It provides an in-depth perspective from the other side, on how to make your product more desirable to prospective partners.

Ray Sidney-Smith explains what W3 Consulting does, and their mission to help small business owners understand how to use the internet, market and manage on the web. He reveals how best to use mobile and social media technologies, as well as how this fills a gap between SaaS and their customers.


The discussion includes:


  • How W3 Consulting went from zero to where they are now.
  • What stops them from going beyond their five core products, even though their customers use many other tools.
  • How W3 Consulting fills a gap between SaaS and SaaS customers, how tech support teams are measured by how fast they can get rid of the customer, and why W3 Consulting customers need them (Hint: it’s because they need a human.) 
  • Developing workarounds to meet vendor policies that impact the reseller, for example, how Evernote does not allow the customer to designate an agent to their own account .
  • How the reseller works around not being able to have the username and password of their customer’s account.
  • Vendor policy and process problems that become the reseller’s problem, and their challenges.
  • Managing SaaS customer access as a reseller.
  • SaaS reselling wish list – if you own a SaaS business, this will be invaluable information to make your product more attractive to resellers.


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