In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Kabir Mathur, Head of Product Partnerships at Typeform, shares the company’s journey to kick-starting its integration strategy in 2018 with a Hackathon: Every department went all hands on deck for a week to build priority integrations. And in the second week, they created marketing initiatives to get the word out.

Starting from zero, today Typeform boasts more than 100 partners.

How did they do it? The conversation centers on:

  • How they picked the initial integrations, and how customer needs drove the project.
  • The specifics of the project, such as leadership buy-in and the role of marketing.
  • Lessons learned from the project, such as continually measuring, listening to customers and conducting research, as well as dealing with curveballs. 
  • The high-level process to get to market.
  • Budgeting and who builds what and who pays for what, and how the bigger organization generally takes a step back from a development standpoint.
  • The process when a third party requests an integration and what the deployment looks like, and how that evolved.
  • The wow moments that justified the week’s integrations, and whether the objectives were achieved.
  • How the integrations bumped up customer retention by almost 40%.
  • Managing relationships with integration partners when you grow to a certain point.

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