In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Matt Graney, VP Product Management at Celigo, provides a presentation on why iPaaS is not enough to survive the explosion of Cloud apps, and how critical the integration user experience is becoming.


The presentation includes:

  • Consumerism of enterprise software has undergone a power shift due to freemium models, and the shift has led to a need for specialisation, leaving the iPaaS business with a lot of need for integration.
  • With specialization has come an increase of apps. For example, SMBs that had three apps five years ago now have, on average, more than 20.
  • Consumers need all the apps they use to connect, and they want the freedom to choose which apps they want, and how they are to be integrated. On top of that, they need simple interfaces from a consumer point of view, not from an IT point of view.
  • Why iPaaS in the first place?
  • The goal should be that integration be as simple and intuitive as the app itself. Customer experience is key because it’s part of the purchasing decision. Pointers to improve the integration user experience:
    • Communicate with the developer community through portals.
    • APIs should be properly documented, and there should be a product manager for both APIs and integrations because integrations should be seen as a product.
    • Make it easy to onboard customers.
    • Integrations must be pre-built, and built on an iPaaS.
  • The three things to keep in mind to survive the future of integration.


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