The annual SaaS partnership conference, SaaS Connect, is coming up April 27-28, 2022 in San Francisco. Our agenda is coming together already, but it’s missing someone important… YOU!

Are you a partnership professional? Are you proud of a partnership strategy or execution in the past year? We’d love to showcase you. Whether you are a 20 year veteran executive or new to the industry, we take all great stories of people who have figured out how to go-to-market working with partners in the cloud software industry.

Submit to speak before December 31, 2021

What’s the deadline?

December 31, 2021.

Do you really want me to speak?

Yes. SaaS Connect is made by and for partnership professionals just like you. This conference is where we share stories and case studies with each other. It doesn’t matter how much partnership experience you have or how much success you have had.

How many times can I submit?

Submit early, submit often! As many times as you like.

What’s the agenda this year?

We’ll host tracks on the following topics.

  • Channel partnerships. Partner acquisition, partner engagement, partner success, what channel partners want, digital agencies and SIs
  • Tech partnerships. How to build integrations, iPaaS, go-to-market with a tech partner, account mapping, cosales, comarketing
  • Go-to-market with marketplaces. Marketing your SaaS through marketplaces and app stores; marketing through hyperscalers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud); selling through tier-2 distributors
  • Running a marketplace. How are you building a marketplace for app partners and channel partners? Building a great customer experience and a great partner experience. Alignment with product.
  • Managing a partner team. Metrics, revenue, attribution; organizational alignment and buy in from the CXO, board, investors; hiring; structuring partnership team
  • How to scale partnerships. How did you take your successful partner team and scale it? Monetization strategies, scaling revenue, building a “partnership organization”
  • Strategic partnerships. The big deals, enterprise partnerships, managing a platform partner (David vs. Goliath), account-based marketing, negotiation, corporate development.

Submit to speak today!