In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Daniel Saks, President and Co-CEO at AppDirect, shares how the digital economy will look in the next ten years, and what that means in terms of the types of companies we partner with, and the partnership opportunities that we can take hold of.


Using a commission digital economy report, Daniel analyzed the cloud maturity of different industries and businesses, and he presents that data in this show:


  • The evolution of the digital economy and what it is; how the digital economy has taken over the traditional economy. For example, holiday accommodation may traditionally have been thought of as a hotel but is now an Airbnb, and how this evolution from traditional to digital provides an opportunity for partnering.
  • Examples and case studies of digital transformation in traditional industries such as: a manufacturing plant and how ecosystems have been built around the device to speed manufacturing cycles; radiology and how apps can speed up traditional processes; banking and insurance that are slowly being transformed, and how banks want to open up their problems to ISVs that can create cash management tools, or visual insight tools for specific verticals and use cases.
  • Traditional partnership models vs. digital partnership models.
  • How to succeed in partnerships.
  • Marketing subscription resells.


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