In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Kalon Welch, EVP of Business Development and Co-Owner at FastSensor, shares how after working with big companies like Accenture and Novell, he jumped into working with a small agency, taking it from about $4 million to around $100 million, primarily through partnerships.

The presentation is all about how FastSensor uses IoT and different types of alternative partnerships to build business and to understand how to go into a space that’s very traditional in some senses and flip it on its head.

A presentation jam-packed with value, listen to:

  • How they built something that was smarter and better and resold the same product. 
  • Using partners to solve a problem.
  • How complementary technology can be used to integrate and be stronger in taking partner products to market, which means those partners will always drag you to market too. Tip: Look for the partners that you compliment and make stronger; if you can give first you’re going to get back. And if you can give, they’re going to take you with them.
  • Don’t think the same way. Think differently. When you figure out how to go to market, don’t follow the same track that everybody else has: mix it up, bounce off walls, try stuff, fail constantly, and figure out what’s going to work for you. Tip: Find little things that work and look for patterns. And then repeat those patterns.
  • Partner with your customers.


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