In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Kevin Kent, Director of Channel Development at POS Portal, a ScanSource company, presents solutions to the biggest problems in distribution.


The discussion centers around:

  • Software driven ecosystems and the challenge as they get bigger, with more users.
  • It’s tough to evolve your business model; people resist change, and there are risks; you run the risk of going out of business, or alienating your customers, or alienating your employees.
  • Regional distribution and how hard it is to get it to users, and how ScanSource renamed this as ‘routes to market.’
  • CAPEX vs OPEX, especially with people who are used to building expertise around premise systems and then migrating those to the cloud.
  • In the real world, what is working and what is not. (Examples of what’s working are from Microsoft and Clover.)


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