In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Sree Menon, then Head of Strategy but now Chief Operating Officer at Tophatter, shares a presentation on using gamification in ecommerce.

Tophatter is “the world’s most entertaining mobile shopping experience,” achieving profitability just three years after being founded, and today sells more than three million items a month and boasts 80 employees. 

The company has built a shopping destination for the mobile era, incorporating personalization and gamification to do it. Here’s what’s discussed:

  • The difference between the Amazon shopping experience vs. Tophatter.
  • Data is the merchandiser: an algorithm selects the products the customer sees as they open the app. Personalization is also a big factor.
  • Gamification drives unparalleled conversion rates: more than 15% of daily visitors make a purchase the same day.
  • Gamifying the mobile experience and how Tophatter puts it all together.
  • The snackable and real-time element.
  • Examples of other companies using the same concept of gamification and how it increases engagement, especially for mundane products or services like tax filing.


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