In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Rajiv Ramanan, Director – Startup Program and Technology Alliances at Freshworks, shares how the company turned its tech partnership strategies into a predictable revenue machine.

Rajiv is joined by Jake Wallace, who at the time of the episode was Head of Strategic Partnerships at SignEasy and is now Head of Global Technology Partnerships at Trustpilot. Jake was responsible for SignEasy’s reseller referral program and maintaining their key partner relationships, of which Freshworks is one.

The discussion centers around Freshworks wanting to acquire and retain more customers and how they used integrations to achieve that.

The following topics are discussed:

  • The shift Freshworks made to achieve its revenue goals.
  • What Freshworks does now to drive qualified leads. 
  • How SignEasy started partnering with Freshworks.
  • How they got teams to talk to each other about leads.  
  • Motivating salespeople to make introductions, and incentivizing.
  • How Freshworks handles account mapping and integrations.
  • How Freshworks manages multiple partners on the same deal.
  • How different roles change the approach taken with ecosystem partners.
  • How both companies deal with partner professional services companies.
  • OKRs, tracking, and plans.


Teaser Tip: … “We wanted to acquire and retain more customers, and integration was the way we achieved that.” – Rajiv Ramanan, Freshworks

The data showed that if a customer used one integration, their chances of churn decreased by more than 50%.


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