In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Kyle Jenke, who at the time of this presentation was working in Global Partnerships at Intuit and is now Director of WhatsApp Partnerships at Facebook, talks about the three main things Intuit does within the partnering sphere that is different to other companies.


A bit of background: Intuit poured massive amounts of resources into partnerships, launching them with great fanfare. But they fell flat, leading to multiple go-to-market failures, almost bankrupting the company.


In this presentation, hear from Kyle what they do differently as a company that makes partnerships work for them today:


  • Partnerships must be a company-wide mindset.
  • It is important to discover what really matters to your partners, and then allocate resources to that.
  • Avoid hiring generalists. Put effort into thinking about the skills people need to really solve the problem on your partnership team.


Kyle shares the lessons learned around what made certain partnerships fail. These include not over-investing in partnerships too early, and not going into too many partnerships too soon.


The reason the middle is avoided is because it’s resource-intensive and because there are so many of them, you most often don’t have the right amount of resources to do them correctly.


Resources Mentioned:

The Lean Startup Methodology (Book)






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