In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Sachin Agarwal, principal product manager at LaunchDarkly at the time of this recording and now senior product manager at Google, shares from the product manager’s point of view the best methods of getting PM buy-in for partnership initiatives:


  • What to know about good product managers, e.g. they are motivated by solving problems, they are not motivated by any particular solution. As a partnership leader, what motivates them has implications for you.
  • How product managers see partnership people.
  • How to get product managers to support your partnership efforts.
  • Three tactics to get product manager buy-in for partnership initiatives:
    1. Don’t surprise product managers. They are information junkies; they like to know everything.
    2. Make it easy for the product manager. Being able to think like a product manager is really helpful. Certain documents are helpful to get the product organization to buy in.
    3. Understand the PM’s motivation. You can play into their need to deliver value.
  • Use your mojo on product managers! You know how to sell, you know how to market, and you know how to do product, so use those skills on the product organization.


PMs are people too. They have egos. They’re motivated by recognition. If they were motivated by money, they’d be in sales. If you can make the product manager who fought for your thing famous, then you can get your job done.


Resources Mentioned:

  • Salesforce
  • Zapier



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