In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Naresh Venkat, head of ML/AI Product Partnerships at Google at the time of the recording, but now co-founder and COO at Osmos, discusses how SaaS can supercharge with Google AI products.

Google is an AI business, and this presentation covers the unique value of machine learning within partnerships as well as Google AI opportunities:

  • There are only around two million machine learning experts who really know what they’re doing, but the vast majority of people who use applications are developers and business users, so Google wants to help pass on what they know to them
  • Google AI products include:
    • Google Translation
    • Google Photos
    • Gmail Smart Reply
    • AlphaGo
    • Google Cloud AI
    • Contact Centre AI
  • Because there are so few people who can create custom ML models today, Google’s goal is to empower more users to help enterprises put AI into production, hence the partnership opportunities.
  • Cloud AI building block products, classified into the following categories: sight, language, conversation.
  • Focused AI in Google’s key verticals.
  • Where’s a good place to start with AI for companies who have established datasets and workflows but are not AI companies (although plan to adopt AI in the future)?


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