In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Ross Garrett explains how to become a profitable platform with the superpowers of the network economy. At the time of the recording, which occurred during a 2018 SaaS conference, Ross was the Chief Product Officer at Cloud Elements. Today, he is Head of Product at Volkswagen Automotive Cloud.

Here is what’s included in the presentation:

  • Integration should be thought of as a product.
  • If large organizations struggle to get their APIs adopted, it’s even harder for smaller, lesser-known product companies to drive adoption and awareness.
  • In order to be a platform, you need to be able to offer new, better experiences on top of your APIs. 
  • Platforms allow companies to integrate in order to provide more value.
  • We are moving away from a single-sided business model to a multi-sided business model. This enables other businesses to build products on your technology, as well as use third party integration to create stickiness and adhesion between your product, your customers, and the other products that your customers use. Added to that, you deliver service directly from your core product offering.
  • Four superpowers of the network economy:

          1. Magnetic (understanding the value your company provides, and turning it into something others can leverage).

          2. Real time (reacting to change).

          3. Infinite (removing the limitations of a single-sided business model).

          4. Intimate (adapting and personalizing personas to customers, giving you a competitive advantage).

  • Creating the network effect:

          1. Flexibility (allowing other companies to leverage your platform).

          2. Longevity (delivering long-term value).

          3. Integration (the foundation of making your platform strategy work or fail).

  • Platforms are attractive due to the growth they provide. Statistics show that companies may see a 60% churn reduction and a 64% increase in upsell potential.


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