In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Jimmy Riordan, Chrome Strategic Partnerships Manager at Google, shares how the Chrome Enterprise team is building out a brand new ecosystem of partners for Chrome Enterprise Recommended Apps and Solutions.

Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions that have been optimized and certified on Chrome OS.

Listen to the following discussion points:

  • Benefits of using Chromebooks for contact centers and the education space, and how they’re taking those same benefits into the mid-market, and to the enterprise. The top three benefits are speed (easy to deploy), simplicity (easy to use), and security (as of today, Chrome OS has had zero ransomware attacks in its history).
  • Their biggest focus areas for the next year.
  • What kind of partners they are looking for (agencies, consultants, and channel partners that are focused on contact center, 500–1,000 employee companies). For the first half of the year, Telesis and TBI will be their exclusive go-to market, and then potentially bring out another couple towards the end of the year, and how Intelisys and TBI intend to go to market with this.
  • Incentives and how they get partners interested (a very lucrative financial deal; a one-time upfront for channel partners to pair Chromebooks). In addition, because of how fast the devices are deployed, partners will be able to get their customers up and running fast and, as a result, realize revenue a lot faster as well.
  • The challenges they’ve had to face.


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