In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Sunir Shah, CEO at AppBind and President of Cloud Software Association, discusses the value of partnerships and solving SaaS challenges together.

Cloud Software Association is a nonprofit trade association; a SaaS partnership network that helps partnership people develop relationships, close deals, and learn from other people inside the network. 

AppBind, created by Sunir Shah, solves one of the biggest partnering challenges by creating a shared email and password to allow partners to sign up on behalf of customers.

The presentation demonstrates the value of getting involved with Cloud Software Association:


  • The value of Cloud Software Association and its members, and how they come together to solve partnership challenges.
  • What’s happening in partnerships today:
    • There are only three main ways that a partnership can drive revenue:
  1. By driving demand – more signups, more subscriptions at the top of your funnel.
  2. Adoption and retention to keep your customers.
  3. Upselling and cross-selling other people’s products.
  • The three types of partnerships today:
  1. Selling other people’s products as integrations.
  2. Leveraging other people’s marketing, which is distribution. 
  3. Leveraging other people’s sales, which is reselling.
  • The fundamental problem in SaaS is a subscription that forces customers to have a direct relationship with the vendor because of the ongoing recurring billing relationship. Because of this, SaaS ends up being forced into direct sales and a direct marketing model. Every time you have someone in-between like a reseller distributor, there are fights over the customer, creating channel conflict and squishing down opportunities for distribution. How both AppBind and Cloud Software Association are working to address this.
  • A brief introduction to the Cloud Software Association board.


Teaser Tip: … “The more we share our stories and experiences, the faster we overcome and solve our collective SaaS gaps.” – Sunir Shah, CEO at AppBind & President at Cloud Software Association


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Please note: this presentation is from a 2018 SaaS conference.

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